Hello. I'm the CEO and co-founder of Readup, on a mission to save reading.

Sometimes I get mixed up and I say stuff like, “I’m on a mission to save journalism,” or “civil discourse online,” or even “freedom!”—and I do care about these other things too—but it’s the disappearance of reading itself that most intensely occupies my attention, especially in the early morning hours when I’m unplugged, offline, tending the fire near my bed, alert to the wildest voice that exists deep within me.

To recharge, I enjoy solitude and nature. I spend a lot of time outside, communing with trees. Inspired by people like Thoreau, Gandhi, and Christ, I embrace simplicity, minimalism, and frugality.

I like for things in life to be slow, deep and real. Time and time again, I keep discovering that pretty much everything can be done a little bit better (meaning: with more love) if we get slower, deeper, and more real.